Northern Rift Inc: VCOE Student Privacy Validation Document.

Northern Rift Inc: Compliance to SOPIPA (California AB 1584)

Federal student privacy legislation including FERPA and COPPA do address student data privacy, however the California state went further with SOPIPA (California AB 1584).

VCOE Student Privacy Validation Document

In collaboration with school districts in Ventura County and with the Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) we have complied a compliance document on how Northern Rift meets relevant California and Federal US student privacy and data laws for our school student specific engagements.

The VCOE Technology Services Department worked through our technology, terms and policies to ensure compliance with the 16 tenets proscribed by SOPIPA (California AB 1584).

If your school district would like to review a copy of this document, please contact us and we will make appropriate arrangements.

Our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found here: General Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

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